Abstract Painter & Textile Artist

A journey through colour with Basma Ashworth – a globally inspired abstract artist and colourist painter of Assyrian descent living and working in Cornwall.

My paintings and textiles are an exploration of the visual vitality and vivacity of colours that have influenced me throughout my life.

My passion for colour began with the elaborate hand-dyed clothes worn by the people in my home village of Alquash in the mountains of Kurdistan. As a Middle Eastern artist, my Assyrian heritage features heavily in my work. Later, I explored the abundance of shades that I found in nature during my extensive travels around the world for work and pleasure.

Today, the amazing light in West Penwith, Cornwall, which is now my home, and the way that it changes the colours of the sea and the coastline, continues to inspire me. Even the colours of chemistry and biology from my scientific background are reflected in my work. From my large, abstract paintings to the silk and felt textiles I create, colour is at the heart of everything I do. 

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“Heading North”

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Thank you Christian the second one of the Norway series 🙂

O that’s fab .

لوحة أعطتني الأمل والتفاءل وحب الحياة. عيد كله أمل وحياة سعيدة


Beautiful Painting Basma!

Lovely colours Basma xxxxx




رائع علي محلها






art <3 cute <3

نتا دب وقيلا نتا علا مبان لي شاطت ليك صباغا گلتي ارا نخور ونكور ونعطي لعور هههه

ريان العبيدي شوف عدد اللايكات وشوف اول تعليق هي الناس دي بتشوف حاجات احنا مبنشوفهاش ولا ايه 😐

على هد لحساب حتى ممكن نولي فنانة ههه

هِوِ أّيِّ أّلَ بِتّجِهِ شٍمَأّلَأّ😂


Ha l3ar magololi db hada fan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ناسکی یەک ئاوێتە بـەهـونـەر..

wooow nari hadchi khatir o deep bzzf 😒😒😒😒 bullshiiiiit 😒😒😒😒😒

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