Meet Cornwall artist Basma Ashworth

Explore the colourful works of the globally inspired abstract artist living in Cornwall

I am both a painter and textile artist. The brilliant combination of colour, light, texture, translucency and line are central aspects of my work. As a Cornwall artist I draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape and unique natural light.

My work is always related to the process of painting rather than the image. The artwork emerges from the interaction of marks I make on the surface with the colours and textures I use.

My relationship with the surface has a major influence on the way I make the work.  What I paint has a lot to do with layering and finding paths inside shapes; the colour and lines describe my journeys through life to reach this stage as a Cornwall artist.

My paintings are commissioned works and become part of collections by private individuals, interior designers, architects and companies such as The Scarlet and Bedruthan Steps hotels in Cornwall and Combe Grove Manor in Bath.

Wearable Art: Some of my artwork has recently been selected for reporoduction on luxury silk scarves by American artwear specialist RozeNdove. Find out more here >

Waiting for peace


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Thank you my girl xx

تنسيق ألوان جميل وتتخيل منظر أو عدة مشاهد من الكادر وهو ده المطلوب.والمعنى طبعا فى بطن الشاعر كما يقولون .

So beautiful

Zaki Zidane work for this moment juste magnifique

Beautiful my friend xxx

Masterpiece 😍😍😍

Tres beau

Nice work

Amen! :-)


Randa El Okda love it



Good toile🎍

L'impressionisme ... 👍💖

wtf this is wonderful

Bon courage .

Prix bellahi

Magdy Anani شبهه الخشبه بتاعتك 😂✋

Bon courage

افهم من كدة ايه !!

Très magnifique


Eman Badr حاجة زي كدة مثلا..


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Just another magic moment ❤️
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Just another magic moment ❤️


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Are you on holiday x

Très joli tableau pas facile à faire les mêmes recherches!!

انتي مبدعة جميلة بحب لوحاتك جدا اللون الذهبي والأصفر بيشكلوا الإبداع الحقيقي في مجتمع الألوان.

That"s Good shining

Very very wonderful Basma...!


Super !!!!!!!

Wow Basma magic xxx




لا يملك مفاتيح اللوحة الا راسمها .. و غير ذلك كلها مجرد محاولات ..وها نحن نحاول ..💖

What energy, lovely.sorry to miss you, I'm now in Scotland....

ارى في الصورة تحرر الانثى الذي يبدو مرفوض من قبل بعض الفئات الاجتماعية هل قرائتي معقولة آنستي؟؟

لااعلم مااصفها لوحه فرنسيه راقصه ويخيل لي عند رؤيتها انها مصحوبه بنغم موسيقي رائع.

صوره جميله بتفكرنى بحصة الرسم أيام الابتدائي بس ليه منزلين الصوره مقلوبه😅

Chnowa habit twasl birasma Hady tnjm tjwbni ? Nhisha fiha ihses fiha haja tjdhib

لوحة تجريدة توحي ان العقل يكون شارد الذهن بين الواقع والخيال

Très beau tableau

جامده جدا 😍😍😍😍❤

Machaa Allah ya basma

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Few of the vessel's from the latest workshop :))) ... See MoreSee Less

Few of the vessels from the latest workshop :)))


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Thank you Selina I also done a very big rug from Beautiful fleece 🙂


Love these.

1 month ago

Basma Ashworth Artist

Wild seas tonight ... See MoreSee Less

Wild seas tonightImage attachment

2 months ago

Basma Ashworth Artist

"Gold Heart"
Latest from Basma's studio :)
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Gold Heart
Latest from Basmas studio :)


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Gold and turquoise my favourite ever

The Gold sea is better than gold heart

Shady n beautiful memories❤

Love the colours xxx

Ohh 💖💖💞



ندى مجدى 😅هو فين القلب يا ندى 😅😅


Basma M. Diaaشنهل ابداع😂😂😂

Nabil Enuoabib

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