Cornwall Artist in Studio

My work is directly influenced by my varied and somewhat exotic background. Most important are those to do with memories of my childhood being born and brought up in a remote area in the mountains of Kurdistan on the border between Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Here the barren and hostile winter landscape gives way to glorious springs and summers. The people respond by dressing up in elaborate hand-made and naturally died material like silk and velvet. Within these mountains there are monasteries with arched cloisters. As a child it was thrilling to hear the bells and the chanting of the monks through the wild flower covered valley.

But also an important factor is the western influence specifically the land, seas and skyscape of West Penwith in Cornwall.

I have lived and studied in the west. And travelled extensively around the world from South America to Australia. So inevitably western art and artist have become important, if unconscious influences. My background as a scientist has also influenced my art. The highly visual element and shapes and the remarkable colours found in chemistry, microbiology and even in corroded metals all contributed to the way I paint.

It has been very challenging and rewarding to combine all these factors. I hope I am able to convey through my paintings how the influences have been resolved.

I am graduate of Falmouth College of Art and live and work in far west of Cornwall on a farm with my animals.



I mainly paint in mixed media and like to try different materials and methods. I sometimes make my own paint, oil or acrylic using pure pigments, to achieve the purity of colour and the translucency of paint which are the hallmarks of the majority of my paintings.



These artworks are an extension of my paintings. I use natural fibres especially silk and dye it by hand to achieve brilliant pure colours reflecting the elaborate and highly decorative customs of my people including the extravagant gold and silver jewellery.